Telling Data Stories

Telling Data Stories-1

I have always admired the GiGL teams’ approach to technology. They understand, better than any group of people I know, how technology can be used to achieve great results, to tell stories that inspire change, and not just to impress and scare lesser mortals.

Many of GiGL’s service users may not be aware of the detail and intelligence that goes into every product and service they create. They perform technological feats that are barely short of miraculous and make it look effortless. The ability to deliver better services more efficiently is at the heart of everything the GiGL team develop. While I may not always understand the technology behind their services, I do understand that it is their service users’ needs that drive their endless innovation.

I’m fortunate to have worked with some of the great story tellers, from individuals and performers who can hold an audience in their thrall, to huge commercial entertainment companies such as Warner Bros and the BBC. Story-telling predates written cultures by thousands of years. It is at the heart of all good communication and at the heart of all my work. It is a skill to which everyone responds. Stories package raw information in a way that makes it easy for us to imagine a scenario, understand the context of facts, data and events, connect information in our minds and form a clear mental picture. Continue Reading →