Auk Philosophy

Auk Philosophy

Auk’s strong sustainable and social principles are at the heart of our work – showing respect for our clients, their audiences and society at large.

Accessibility, sustainability, integrity, clarity, quality and innovation are at the heart of our work.

We deliver high quality work that engages your audience, changes behaviour and drives your success, however you define it. We will never promise the impossible. We work with you to tailor the job to the resources available.

Sustainable Working Policy


Where face-face meetings are necessary, travel to and from them is by public transport. The presumption is against travelling at peak times.

Materials, Recycling and Waste

Paper waste is minimised by making sure documents are stored and processed electronically, as far as is possible. Where the use of paper is unavoidable, it is from sustainable sources. All paper that is used on one-side only is re-used for drafts and notes. All paper waste is recycled. Auk attempts to source other materials from sustainable sources.

Suppliers and Services

Where appropriate, all business materials and services are sourced from local suppliers. We aim to assist our clients to use products and services in an environmentally-sensitive way.

Premises and Energy

Home-working is the preferred option of Auk. Lighting is by low-energy bulbs. Heating is by energy-efficient systems, including jumpers and warm socks. All electrical equipment is turned off when not in use.