Ask Auk is a creative communications consultancy. We help you get your message across using the best creative tools for your audience and your message. We discover the essence of your subject, inspire excitement in your audience and a desire to know more.

Auk’s clients come from the commercial, charitable and public sectors and from small businesses. We work with the environment, heritage and arts industries, with corporate clients, and with anyone who has a story to tell. We are always looking for a new challenge.

Communications planning and project development is one of our strengths. It’s very difficult to know want you need until you talk through all the possibilities.

Of course, the more ideas you have, the more we will have to talk about. But all you really need is a willingness to talk, to answer questions and to be thoroughly probed on the subject of your business and your project.

Our initial discussions may uncover issues with your idea which need re-thinking. But this needn’t be complicated. We take the time to get to know you and your project, and to iron out any issues early on. After all, clear expectations on both sides ensure the most efficient use of resources.

We will pull out all the stops to make sure you get what you need on time. But we’re not going to make promises that we can’t keep. If we don’t think your aims are realistic, we will talk through the best way to meet your needs in the time available.

The cost of your project depends on what you need, and who you are. We offer favourable rates for registered charities and the public sector. Our corporate rates aren’t bad either. Get in touch and we can talk through your options. Our first consultation is free.

If you are putting together a funding application and need to budget for your communications needs, we can work with you to develop a fully budgeted communications plan. We have experience of creating project plans and budgets for funding applications and can give you the best chance of success in your application.

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An auk is a family of black and white seabirds that includes puffins and razorbills. Auk’s founder and Director, Miranda Waugh spent much of her early adult years sitting on cliffs staring at puffins legs – all in the name of research. The little critters lodged in her brain. As yet, they show no sign of shifting.