Olive update

October 30, 2008 / Personal / 0 Comments /

After two weeks religiously stirring my wee olives, changing their water daily, I have replaced a pyrex bowl of small reddish brown balls with a much more glamorous  jar stuffed with almost edible olives and other ingredients of gorgeousness. Although, given my limited crop, the olives are in the minority.

Google offered so many different methods for curing the little blighters, I couldn’t decide which approach to chose. So, I’ve adopted a combination of three techniques all of which appealed to me. Having soaked them for almost two weeks in cold water, they were transformed from hard black blobs into slightly larger, paler and squishier blobs. It’s surprising how much colour seems to leach out of them. Every time I changed the water, more of their glossy blackness was washed away.

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