All About Auk

Ask Auk is the trading name of Auk Consulting Ltd., the brainchild and business of communications professional Miranda Waugh.

"For over twenty years, I've worked with a wide variety of creative and commercial businesses, non-profit organisations, local and national government agencies, and with the theatre, film and advertising industries. My work has encompassed many aspects of design, writing, strategic development and research. I'm always looking for a new challenge and to learn new skills to benefit my clients. "

Our approach is simple. We clarify your goals, consider your audience, before we decide the best tools to get your message across.

Taking a creative approach to every job means immersing ourselves in each project – spending time listening, understanding and planning. We work with each of our clients to discover their individual needs before we advocate an approach. Everyone’s needs are different – so are our solutions.

Why are we called Auk?

An auk is a family of black and white seabirds that includes puffins and razorbills. Miranda spent much of her early adult years sitting on cliffs staring at puffins legs. All in the name of research. The little critters lodged in her brain. As yet, they show no sign of shifting.

Company Info

Ask Auk is the trading name of Auk Consulting Ltd. A company registered in England no. 05843280.

Our registered address is 19a Goodge Street, London W1T 2PH. But don't use this address for post! We use our accountant's address as our registered address as we have nowhere to put one of those shiny brass plaques outside our place of work. Ain't company law a grand thing.