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Ask Auk is a creative communications agency. We help you get your message across using the best tools for your audience and your message. We discover the essence of your subject, inspire excitement in your audience and a desire to know more.

Taking a creative approach to every job means immersing ourselves in each project – spending time listening, understanding and planning. We work with each of our clients to discover their individual needs before we advocate an approach. Everyone’s needs are different – so are our solutions.

Auk’s clients come from the commercial, charitable and public sectors and from small businesses. We work with the environment, heritage and arts industries, with corporate clients, and with anyone who has a story to tell. We are always looking for a new challenge.

Commercial Sector

Small Business

Charitable & Public Sectors



Everything starts with the story. Auk works with you to uncover the essence of your own story and decide the best way to tell it. What do you want to tell the world?


Communications Strategies

Step back and look at the bigger picture. Auk can help you plan across multiple projects, look to the future, tell your story to different audiences, and keep your team on story and on brand.


Graphics & Illustration

World-class image creation; from hand drawn sketches to storyboards, mood boards, concepts and large scale exhibition quality graphics. We can tell your story on as large or small a canvas as you need.


Web, Digital & Social

The world is digital. The world is social. The web, social tools, GPS. We are all connected, all the time. Work with Auk to connect with your audience where they are. Tell your story using the tools they have to hand.


Branding & Identity

Your brand is the story of you. Every business has a brand – even if not one they actively designed. Auk can help you take charge of your public face, and tell the world who you are and why you matter.


Exhibition Design

Effective use of 3D space is crucial for immersive story telling. Auk works with the best 3D designers to ensure 3D, 2D & digital elements work together. We create stand-out graphics that enhance and imitate 3D space.



Good photography captures the essence of a subject, a person or a moment. Whether a single image or as part of a narrative, photography is a valuable form of visual storytelling.


Film & Audio

Narrative storytelling captures attention and encourages emotional involvement. Film and audio immerse your audience and can be used in conjunction any number of other tools - web, digital, exhibition, etc.


Internal Communications

Telling your own story to your own team is vital to ensure staff, partners et al understand and contribute to your organisation, its ethos and its ambition. Good communication starts with every member of your team.

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